Letter to Presidents and Representatives

Messages from the ICIAM President to the Presidents and Representatives of Member Societies

ICIAM President's message - "Best wishes for 2018"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,

As 2018 starts I wish you all the best for the starting year, for you, your families and your societies also, indeed.

This year many of us will meet at the Board meeting, to be hosted by SIAM in Philadelphia on May 12, and remember that as usual there will be a 2 days' workshop on May 10-11.

ICIAM Secretary's message - "ICIAM Membership Information"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member societies,

Please check the data concerning your society on ICIAM's website, see http://iciam.org/members We are afraid that in a number of cases the information is not up-to-date. We remind you that if changes have to be made, the person who can do it is your society's editor, whose name is in the society's page, under the map.

ICIAM Secretary's message - "Minutes of the 2017 ICIAM Board Meeting"

Dear Presidents and Representatives,

Please find attached the minutes of the 2017 ICIAM Board meeting. I would appreciate, if you could send me any comments, or inaccuracies that you may find. the minutes are also available online at http://iciam.org/meeting/board-meeting-2017-valencia-spain (you will need to log on to iciam.org to see this page).

With kind regards,

Sven Leyffer

ICIAM Secretary

ICIAM President's message - "January issue of Dianoia, the ICIAM Newsletter (Vol 5, number 1)"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM's member societies,

This message is to let you know that the January 2017 issue of DIANOIA, the newsletter of ICIAM, is already online.

As you can see in the Table of Contents, this letter contains two important ICIAM calls, interesting news, articles, interviews, etc. At this moment we are asking you to distribute it among your members and networks via your websites and newsletters. Its contents are of broad interest.