ICIAM President's message - "October issue of Dianoia, the ICIAM Newsletter (Vol 4, number 4)"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM's member societies,

This message is to let you know that the fourth, and last, 2016 issue of DIANOIA,
the newsletter of ICIAM, is already online.
It contains interesting news, articles, interviews, information about open calls, etc.
At this moment we are asking you to distribute it among your members and networks 
via your websites and newsletters. Its content is of broad interest.
In order to access it, you can visit the page http://iciam.org/dianoia 
or click on the links below to download a copy.
Thanking you in advance for this, best wishes, 
Maria J. Esteban
ICIAM President

2    ICIAM Announcements
3     EDITORIAL: Future Plans for DIANOIA—Barbara Lee Keyfitz
4     International Workshop on Industrial Mathematics. Valencia, May
18–19, 2017 
5     The IMU’s Committee on Women: Call for Applications
6     An interview of Patrice Hauret, winner of the Felix Klein Prize 2016
— Maria J. Esteban
7     ICIAM Conference Support for Applied and Industrial Mathematics in
Developing Countries
8     Report on AIMS workshop, Cape Town, May 2–6 2016: Global change
impact on diseases
           and alien species expansion — Christiane Rousseau & Jacek
10   MSC 2020 
11   Call for Nominations for President-Elect of ICIAM
12   Series: Brief Interviews with Young Mathematicians: #3 — Roberto
12   Funding available from CIMPA
13   Volume 4: Table of Contents
14   About ICIAM


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