ICIAM President's message - "About the new ICIAM website"

Dear Presidents and Representatives of ICIAM member Societies, 


First of all, let me apologize for the long email, but this is important business for our Society.
We are happy to announce that, as you probably already know,  the new website of our Society is already online at the address:

We need now your help to have an updated and correct website as far as your Society's data is concerned. 

We thank you in advance for helping us with this task at this initial stage. In the future, please update this information 
whenever changes happen in your Society, such as a change of President or Representatives.
What we ask you to do is to revise your own page’s information and also to update the information related to your Society.
For personal accounts you can do it yourself. For the Society’s data, this has to be done by (and only by) the Editor of the Society.
At the moment, at the initial launch of the website, the Editor role has been assigned to the President, but this can be changed rather easily (see below). 
Please follow the instructions given below, that are also available on the website in a document called  "FAQ for members" (Membership section).
Best regards, and thank you very much in advance for your help. 
Maria J. Esteban, President of ICIAM
Answers to usual questions about how to update a user / member Society’s information on the ICIAM website:
1) How to correct or complete the information concerning my personal user account?
Login and use the tool EDIT. Finish by saving your changes.
2) How to change my password?
In the login page click on REQUEST NEW PASSWORD and follow the instructions.
3) How to get a new user account? (For those who do not have one already)
In the home page of the website, go to LOGIN, click on I WANT TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT and then proceed to create the account.
4) Who can correct or complete the information about a member Society?
The Editor of that Society. This person is chosen by the Society. It can be its President, one of its Representatives, or another person (IT person, etc) linked to the Society and whom the Society trusts. This person has to have a user account and he/she should take care of updating the information about the Society regularly. In particular any change concerning the President or the Representatives should be implemented as soon as possible after it happens.
5) How to designate the Editor of a member Society?
If you have already a user account, go to the Society’s page and there choose CHANGE THE EDITOR. There you should be given the choice of proposing a new Editor for your Society. If this person does not have a user account yet, then a user account has to be created first, so that this person appears in the list of eligible persons (all users). Finish by saving your changes.
6) How does the Editor of a Society correct or complete the information regarding the Society?
On the main page of the Society, the Editor (and only he/she) has access to the EDIT tool in this page. Click on EDIT and proceed. Do not forget to save changes before leaving the page!
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