ICIAM President's message - "Call for pre-bids for ICIAM 2023"

Dear colleagues,

Following current rules, the 2016 ICIAM Board meeting (Sao Paulo (Campinas), May 7th, 2016) will be the place to present and discuss the pre-bids for ICIAM 2023. Only pre-bids approved by the Board will be allowed to present a complete bid in the 2017 Board meeting, where the final decision will be made about who will organize this congress.

If your society plans to bid for this congress, please read the attached document describing how to prepare a bid. Note that in a pre-bid details have to be given to the board about location, organizing group, some plans about financial issues, SPC, etc, but the pre-bid document does not need to contain the precise and complete information that a final bid contains. As written in the attached rules, pre-bids should be sent to me no later than 31 March 2016, and it is possible to submit the document by email.

If you plan to prepare a bid I would appreciate that you let me know. And, of course, please feel free to ask me, or any of the Officers, any question or doubt that you might have during the preparation of the pre-bid document.

Best regards, Maria J. Esteban, President of ICIAM

PS) Please, find also attached to this message the minutes of the last Board Meeting (Beijing, August 15, 2015)

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