Member Societies

Subsections ICIAM has no individual members. Societies can be members in two categories, each with sub-categories according to the number of members:
  1. full members are those which are dedicated primarily into applied and/or industrial mathematics;
    dues: USD 175 per annum
    dues: USD 350 per annum
    dues: USD 700 per annum
  2. associated members may also have other interests but still significant activity in applied and/or industrial mathematics.
    dues: USD 175 per annum
    dues: USD 350 per annum

Any society wishing to join ICIAM should contact the President.

Full Members

* ANZIAMANZIAM logo (medium)
Australia and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics
(conferences) (archive)
* ASAMACIASAMACI logo (small)
Asociación Argentina de Matemática Aplicada Computacional e Industrial
(events) (past conferences) (publications)

Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society –
Société Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles
(events) (past conferences) (publications)

* CSCMChina Soc Comp Math (medium)
Chinese Society for Computational Mathematics
(archive) (publications)

* CSIAMCSIAM (large)
China Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

* ECMIECMI logo (medium)
European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry
(conferences) (archive) (publications)

* ESMTBESMTB (medium)
European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* GAMMGAMM logo (large)
Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* IMAIMA logo (large)
The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* ISIAMISIAM logo (large)
Indian Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

* JSIAMJSIAM logo (large)
The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

* KSIAMKSIAM logo (medium)
The Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

* MOSMPS (medium)
The Mathematical Optimization Society (formerly Mathematical Programming Society)
(conferences) (publications)

* ROMAISBMAC logo (small)
Societatea Românä de Matematicä Aplicatä şi Industrialä

* SBMACSBMAC logo (medium)
Sociedade Brasiliera de Matemática Aplicada e Computacional

* SEMASeMA logo (medium)
Sociedad Española de Matematica Aplicada
(conferences) (publications)

* SIAMSIAM logo (large)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* SIMAISIMAI logo (large)
Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale
(conferences) (publications) (events)

* SMAISMAI logo (large)
Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* SPMACSPMAC logo (small)
La Sociedad Peruana de Matemática Aplicada y Computacional

* VSAMVSAM logo (small)
Vietnamese Society for Applications of Mathematics
Hội ứng dụng Toán học Việt Nam
(conferences) (publications)

Associate Members

* AIROAIRO (small)
Associazione Italiana di Ricerca Operativa
(conferences) (publications) (news)

* AMSAMS (large)
American Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* AWMAWM (small)
Association for Women in Mathematics
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* ChinaMSChina MS (large)
Chinese Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications)

* CMS/SMCCMS-SMC (large)
Canadian Mathematical Society
Société Canadienne de Mathematiques
(conferences) (publications) (archive)

* CzechMSCzechMS (small)
Česká matematická společnost
(specialist groups) (Digital Mathematics Library) (prize)

* DMVDMV (large)
Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
(activities) (publications) (news)

* EMSEMS (large)
European Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications)

* ENBISENBIS (large)
European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics
(activities) (publications) (past conferences)

Finnish Mathematical Society / Suomen matemaattinen yhdistys / Finlands matematiska förening
(newsletter) (archive)

* IMSIMS (large)
Institute of Mathematical Statistics
(meetings) (publications) (awards)
* IMUIsrael MU logo (small)
Israel Mathematical Union
האגוד הישראלי למתמטיקה

* KMSKMS (large)
Korean Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications) (news)

* LMSLMS (large)
London Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications)

* MSJMSJ (large)
Mathematical Society of Japan
(conferences) (publications)

* NMFNMF (small)
Norsk matematisk forening
(newsletter) (meetings) (Abel symposia) (NORMAT)
* ÖMGOMG (small)
Österreichische Mathematische Gesellschaft
(conferences) (publications)

* PTMPTM logo (large)
Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne (Polish Mathematical Society)

* RSMERSME logo (large)
Real Sociedad Matemática Española
(conferences) (publications) (news)

* SingMSSing MS logo (small)
Singapore Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications)
* SMFSMF (large)
Société Mathématique de France
(conferences) (publications) (activities)
* SMG-SMSSMG (small)
Schweizerische Mathematische Gesellschaft
Société Mathématique Suisse
Swiss Mathematical Society
(conferences) (publications) (archive)
* SMMSMM (small)
Sociedad Matemática Mexicana
(conferences) (publications) (news)

* SPMSPM (small)
Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática
(events) (publications) (news)

* SvMSSvMS (small)
Svenska Matematikersamfundet
(activities) (conferences) (bulletin)

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