The International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) is a worldwide organisation for professional applied mathematics societies, and for other societies with a significant interest in industrial or applied mathematics. ICIAM
The Council works to advance the applications of mathematics in all parts of the world.
CIMPA CIMPA The ICIAM Congresses, held every 4 years, are run under the auspices of the Council.
ICIAM is a Scientific Partner of CIMPA, and an Associated Society to ICSU.

ICIAM also provides support for attendance at conferences in/from developing countries.
Overview of the role of ICIAM (PDF format, ~610kb).
ICIAM Prizes for 2015: Winners Announced  

Read the ICIAM Dianoia Newsletter: Current Issue
Announce: 2015 Olga Taussky-Todd lecturer is Éva Tardos. (.pdf, .doc)
Videos of talks from the ICIAM Board meeting/MBI Workshop, Ohio May 2014.

Next Congress:         ICIAM 2015, Beijing.
8th International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics
Last Congress:         ICIAM 2011, Vancouver.
7th International Congress on Industrial & Applied Mathematics
   ICIAM 2015 logo
         ICIAM 2011 logo
Previous Congresses: Vancouver (2011), Zürich (2007), Sydney (2003), Edinburgh (1999), Hamburg (1995), Washington (1991), Paris (1987).
Read about the History of ICIAM (available thanks to the Zürich Intelligencer) written by Iain Duff.
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